Essential items for your winter car kit

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Every year when snow falls and ice forms motorists head out onto the roads and the inevitable happens. Incidents, delays and more. In 2018 many motorists were stuck in their cars overnight on the M80 after heavy snow hit during a red UK Met Office warning.

How you would cope if something similar happened to you? You can help yourself now. Prepare a Winter Car Kit.

We've made some suggestions, but aside from the essentials think about what you and the individuals traveling with you might need. See our list below.

1. Ice scraper

An ice scraper is absolutely essential for a winter kit. It's a legal requirement to ensure your mirrors and windows are clear of snow and ice. This RevHeads Ice Scraper has good reviews and describes itself as "almost indestructible"

2. De-icer

If you spray de-icer on your window before scraping the snow or ice off, you'll find it much easier. This 6-pack of Car Plan de-icer (There is evening a 12 Pack) should last you some time. If you don't want to buy that much then you can buy individual Car Plan de-icer sprays as well. Individual packs are usually more expensive than packs though.

3. Snowbrush

A good snow brush will let you brush the snow from your windscreen after heavy snow and also let you brush snow from the roof of your car, preventing snow from falling on to your windscreen when driving. This Amazon Basics one is extendable and has an ice scraper on the opposite end. Another cheaper option would be this Odoland ice scraper and snowbrush combo.

4. Shovel

A shovel is absolutely essential if you get stuck in the snow. This Billat 23500 one is telescopic so would fit in your car, while being big enough to be able to move a lot of snow. Alternatively, a cheaper option would be this foldable AA snow shovel.

5. Good footwear or shoegrips

If you have to get out of your car you want to ensure you are not going to fall over. A good pair of boots will always be useful but a cheaper option may be these YakTrax shoe grips. These contain small spikes or studs that will dig into the snow and help to prevent you from falling.

6. High visibility vest

It can be hard to see at night. This AA Hi Vis vest is something that will help you be seen if you need to get out of the car to do some maintenance or walk home. Alternatively if you want more than one then this set of 4 vests from Niboline will be enough for most families.

7. Blankets

If you have to stay in your car overnight then you are going to need to keep warm. Rather than relying on your car heater, you could use some old blankets from home. Alternatively, if you want to have something especially for the car then don't spend too much. This EHC fleece throw should be warm enough for most people and it is fairly cheap.

8. Food and drink

If you stay in your car when it is cold, then some food and a warm drink will make it much more pleasant and will warm you up. To maintain the heat of your hot drink keep it in a container like this Double-Y thermo flask.

9. Torch

This Linkax LED torch is useful if you are walking in the dark and in a rural area with no street lights. You will also find it necessary if you need to do any car maintenance at night.

10. Phone charger

An absolute essential for keeping up to date with UK Snow Updates, as well as for communication! If you buy a power bank you can charge it from the mains and it carries enough capacity to charge mobile phones numerous times. This OLEBR power bank is solar powered as well which allows you to charge it outside. You could also consider getting an in-car USB charger as well if your car doesn't allow you to charge USB devices.

If you think of other essentials (even non-essential!) then tweet it and add #WinterCarKit to your tweet!